Sunday, 5 April 2009

An insane amount of cookbooks...

I have a ton of cookbooks...really, my collection is huge. I have seen libraries with fewer cookbooks than those stashed in my house. I have two bookcases overflowing with cookbooks, and there are more scattered in various spots throughout my house- hidden amongst other types of books, stacked on top of my bureau, piled on the table next to my bed. And my collection keeps growing, almost daily. I can't seem to resist picking up a new book if one catches my eye, especially if it seems homey or unique or exotic.

I have been asked if I actually use all of my cookbooks, or do I just buy them and let them sit there, for the most part, as a dust collection. The fact is, I do indeed peruse them frequently, and often cook from many of them. However, with so many, not all get properly "used" as often as others. I do tend to have a purge day, where I dig through any books that just no longer seem to call out to me and they make their way to a charity shop or a yard sale or handed to the nearest pair of willing hands. And then the gap in my shelf is immediately filled by a few new additions.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog.. to have a place to post images of the recipes I have made from my millions of cookbooks. My grand plan is to cook recipes from my books and then post photos of whatever I made, complete with a review. I might even post some surveys letting you readers choose which book and which recipe to make... we will see.


  1. I have a huge amount of cookbooks too Heather. I have never counted them all, but I know each one by name and would know if any of them went missing! I do use them. Each one has at least one or two favourites in them. My absolute all time favourite is Apples For Jam by Tessa Kiros.

  2. I can only envy you. Being in Singapore and living in a govt funded house, space is an issue for me. I too love cook books and have acquired a small selection. THough I wish to pass it on to my kids but with the humidity, I doubt it can make this long journey. LOLz.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I really wish to get to know you better.

    Have fun moving.