Thursday, 9 April 2009

Aubergine Pasta (more from Rachel Allen)

Having had such great success with the previous Rachel Allen pasta recipe I tried, I decided to give her Penne Pasta with Aubergine, Basil & Pine Nuts a try this time. (From Rachel's Favourite Food for Friends, page 79).

This was really quite easy to prepare and contains some really
lovely, fresh ingredients. The aubergine sauce was chunky and really quite yummy. I only used half the amount of pasta called for in the recipe but still made the full quantity of aubergine sauce. This turned out to be a good idea as otherwise, I am not certain there would have been quite enough sauce. I also used fusilli in place of penne. Seasoning is crucial in this recipe and you really do need to test it a few times. The aubergine sauce seemed to need a bit more salt than I normally would add. I liked the pine nuts in this, but I coud easily leave them out and replace with some snipped bits of sundried tomato instead.


  1. The sun dried tomato soulds like a tasty addition Heather. I do like the crunch of pine nuts though. Don't you just love Rachael Allen? I could sit and watch her for hours!

  2. looks good I made Aubergine and penne this week too!